Clean Energy

Solar panels were installed on Pandy Village Hall in 2011 and currently generate around 10,000kwh of energy per year.  The proceeds from this are shared between the Environmental Group and the Village Hall, to be used on projects and activities which benefit the community.

The Group also keeps the community informed about other energy saving initiatives such as insulation and government-led programs such as The Green Deal.

Thermal imaging surveys like the one pictured here help residents to see where they can conserve heat and save energy.


Oil buying group

To help save money on your domestic fuel bills CEG support a community oil-buying group, run by Sarah Maliphant (see Contacts page for details). Add your name to the email circulation list and you will automatically get a regular email asking if you need a top-up of heating oil. Sarah then phones around oil suppliers, negotiates the best price available on your behalf and arranges delivery. Typically you save between 5-10% on your oil bill as a result.