Travel & Transport

The Climate Action workshop on the topic of Travel & Transport was held at likeworkbutdifferent ( ) on Tuesday 10th March 2020.

The powerpoint slides showing a lot of useful background information can be found on this link :

This workshop was held as a general discussion and debate structured into three main sections

  • Cars & Small vans
  • Aviation
  • Others (includes trains, buses etc.)

A lot of useful ideas and suggestions were generated and these are captured below :

  • Work from home (or hub)
  • Will people just keep driving diesel / petrol cars for longer (post 2035) – unless there’s a scrappage scheme to incentivise them to swap to Electric or Hydrogen vehicles?
  • When do people chose to replace their car :
    • Reliability
    • Cost
    • Environmental footprint?
  • Next generation – our children/grandchildren’s attitudes to cars and transport may be changing.
  • Why are people commuting such large distances – how can we change this?
    • Job security
    • Cost of moving home
    • Lack of choice of houses
    • Affordability of houses?
  • Should government pay for environmental improvements / stimuli :
    • Electric vehicles
    • Maybe tax cheap electricity from renewable sources to raise funds?

Ways to reduce flying :

  • Peer pressure
  • Label them as social pariahs
  • Positive reinforcement of good behaviour
  • Media messages
  • Role models
  • Key influencers
  • Increase the cost
  • Cancel runway expansions
  • Reduce the number of runway slots at key airports
  • Ration Airmiles (per person) – give each person an annual allowance.
    • tradeable between people
    • Good vs bad trips
  • Find a “David Attenborough” champion against flying.
  • Impose huge carbon offset penalty
  • Put Health Warnings on tickets (as per cigarettes)
  • Flight shaming.

Some useful suppliers & sources :