Transport Initiative

Electric Vehicle Charging Points

In December 2016 CEG worked in partnership with the Community Council, The Village Hall and Gwent Energy CIC to install a vehicle charging point at the Village Hall. Tokens are available from a number of local shops and businesses. It is anticipated that although initial use will be low, the take-up of electric vehicles will hugely increase over the coming few years and our community needs to embrace this change and show support for green technologies such as this. What a great use for the electricity generated by the solar panels already installed on the roof of the village hall!


EV plug in point Pandy

Better ways to get around

In partnership with Cardiff Business School , CEG is working on ways to reduce the impact of transport in the area with a survey of local transport currently being compiled.  We may be looking at methods of reducing the number of journeys that have to be made with schemes such as shopping collection, car sharing and electric bikes.  The use of electric bikes could help reduce the impact of shorter journeys.  We are looking forward to receiving the results of our survey shortly.