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St Martins, Cwmyoy

As our picture shows, nothing is quite    vertical at St Martin’s, hence the title ‘the  most crooked church in Great Britain’.  The church is mostly 13th century in  origin, however the windows date from  the 16th century.

St Martin’s is famous for the Cwmyoy  Cross which was stolen from the church  in 1967 and was located in a London antique shop after being recognised by the Keeper of Sculpture at the British Museum, and returned to the church.

The church has a fine collection of tombstones and memorials carved by the famous monumental mason family – the Brute’s.

Simon Jenkins in an article for The Guardian in 2006 describe Cwmyoy as his church of the year. Why not make Cwmyoy your church of the year by visiting us.

1st Sunday of the month
9.30am St Martin’s – Eucharist

Christmas Day – Eucharist 9.30am 

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The Revd. David Roberts 01873 890710