The Woodland Group

We have a 10 year plan to manage and maintain Court Wood (in the grounds of Llanvihangel Court) – 11 acres of mixed hardwood woodland which fell out of management in the second half of the 20th century, is now providing a regular supply of high quality firewood which we sell to locals (see Contacts for details)  and give to our volunteers in exchange for volunteer hours. The traditional look and feel of a traditionally well-managed woodland is gradually returning, as is the natural biodiversity. This beautiful piece of woodland is now providing an inspiring natural setting for many other activities including  :

  • green wood-working,
  • nature walks,
  • craft courses,
  • birdwatching,
  • charcoal-burning and
  • beekeeping

We meet for regular work group sessions at least twice a month in Court Wood (see calendar of events for dates and times), plus hold a number of other regular events throughout the year.

Firewood Sales

Contact: Ian Tremlett 07984 714685

Price:  £75 per builders bag for 2023/24.

Delivery is available for £10/bag. Free collection can be arranged from the Llanvihangel Court wood store provided the buyer assists with loading.

Remember that this is seasoned hardwood – mainly Cherry and Ash (“Seer or green, Ash is fit for a queen”.)

Moisture content will be checked and below 20%… ideal for burning .

Important Note : All our wood is from a sustainable source …which means that we are only taking what the forest can afford to give up. Our woodland management plan ensures this. Our replanting strategy is now in it’s fourth year and will ensure that Court Wood will continue to prosper for many generations to come.

Our volunteers give their time for free….and all profits go back to the community.