Litter Picking

Please join Monmouthshire County Council, Crucorney Community Council and Keep Wales Tidy in giving your support to our volunteers. They give their time willingly and spend many hours of their own time picking up other people’s mess.

The Litter Picking Group now covers over 65% of roads in the community, but we are always looking for more volunteers! If you would like to join us please contact Maggie at

Our volunteers each cover a defined “pitch” , usually a stretch of road, and each is responsible for deciding when and how often they choose to go out litter-picking. All we ask is that you keep a record of the hours you spend litter-picking each month (see Litter Champion Handbook for details) .

Many hands make light work, so we are always looking to recruit more volunteers. We would be especially grateful to anyone willing to take on one of our more outlying areas that currently does not have any cover.

CEG provide the necessary equipment to those who want it :

  • Hi-vis vests
  • Picking tongs
  • Bags
  • Hoops
  • Gloves

IMPORTANT : Please ensure that any person involved in clearing up litter or rubbish:

  1.   wears boots or other stout footwear
  2.   wears suitable gloves if handling any litter or rubbish
  3.   is instructed not to clear up, move or touch any sharp objects, needles, or syringes unless those persons: a) are authorised adults who have received documented training in dealing with discarded needles or syringes, and … b) wear rubber/latex gloves and use graspers/tongs to pick up any needles or syringes (DO NOT USE HANDS), and …..c) only use proprietary sharps bins/boxes to place any needles or syringes which are to be given to and emptied only by the local authority or contract clinical waste services.

HEALTH & SAFETY : further advice on this is contained within the Litter Champion Handbook and we would always advise all our litter-pickers to follow the advice contained therein.

Complaints about litter : If you feel strongly about the litter problem in our community and you wish to complain to Monmouthshire County Council or the National Park, please do so. It helps to focus their attention.

Please note you can also report incidents of littering or fly-tipping via the Mymonmouthshire website or App .